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Welcome to my blog.

My first name is pronounced Olya.

I live in London. And in Zagreb.

Here’s a photo of me reading from my novel to my friends, the Unwriteables.

Olja reading at Gigi's

They couldn’t understand a word of it, because that novel was first published in my first language, Montenegrin, in the region of ex-Yu, where I’m originally from.

The novel is called Milena & Other Social Reforms, and it is a political drama about corruption and how it infects everyone it touches. It has been translated to English.

I have published some stories in English, and, so far, over 100 columns/stories in Montenegrin/Serbian/Croatian, from and about London, mostly from the point of view of an immy-mummy *an immigrant mother*, self-deprecating, observant, frustrated, extatic, sad and joyful, artistic, clumsy and practical. About 25 of these London stories are now collected and published as a book, which, some critics have said, reads like a novel.

A couple of those columns (on Vivi Westwood; on exotic new-best-friendships) I have so far managed to translate for this blog.

Update: I now have another novel, ‘Mrs Black’, so far published only in my first language.

I started this blog to build a welcoming, tolerant and cosy home for my love of writing.

Hope some people out there will enjoy reading it from time to time. Thanks in advance.


5 thoughts on “About

    • Isn’t ‘it made me laugh’ the best comment one can get? Up there with ‘made me laugh and cry at the same time’, ‘stayed with me for weeks…’ and ‘interesting perspective’ is good as well, so thanks so much, Chris!

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  1. Hello Olja! Found your blogged and enjoyed your posts. I remember you from Capo Valley High School and our experiences with teen angst in Southern California. Hope you are well and enjoying life in London. Hugs… Collette


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