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‘In the Light of What We Know’ – read

In the Light of What We Know: A NovelIn the Light of What We Know: A Novel by Zia Haider Rahman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, Zia. Well, now, after having rated my own books five-stars here on Goodreads, I’d be a fool to rate something like Zia’s book four-star, which otherwise I would do only because in the end he went all action-movie, this-is-the-plot, negative-of-zero-dark-thirty — like. And so I haven’t really finished the book, because by then, after 500 pages, my brain was so well-fed and changed by this wonderful writer that when the action started my brain reacted with ‘If I wanted this I’d go and read the newspapers all day long, and before bedtime.’ I’m more for all-the-way ‘James Salter-y’, ie, when you, an author, nurture my knowledge and soul with your writing, do it till the end, don’t suddenly remember that ‘there must be some searing plot moments in a novel’. I don’t care anymore, also because you, Zia, you had also by then freed me with your writing. In the Light of What We Know (what a long title to type) is a liberating book, because it’s basically two old friends, clever guys, sitting and talking about everything, which, by now I have realised, is one of the best things that can happen in a human life (and the book didn’t even need that dictaphone device). If some readers found that stuff about appearing over-impressed-and-blinded by the British upper class or upper middle class or I-don’t know-what-class – mainly because I wasn’t born there so when there I feel I can belong to any class – well, I actually appreciated the honesty of that. For me it’s preposterous and eccentric, the class society I mean, but at times I can also be impressed and surely its eccentricities are something I will remember, just like this book, for which I have created a shelf ‘you will remember me’. After this book, people can structure their content more freely; the content will count again…maybe, hopefully. I have underlined so many pages. I don’t want to share the quotes, sorry, Zia, because I want to modify them and write those ideas and knowledge into my own stuff and be better. (a smiley icon should appear here.)

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