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a sip of her voice: MILENA & OTHER SOCIAL REFORMS – intro in English

figure…Say this city has ten million souls

Some are living in mansions, some are living in holes:

Yet there’s no place for us, my dear, there’s no place

For us.

Once we had a country and we thought it fair,

Look in the atlas and you’ll find it there:

We can not go there now, my dear, we can not go there


(W.H. Auden: Refugee Blues)

London, 2006

Here they are: the so-called small hours. I’ve always loved that expression. Here are the almost visible, misty small hours of the sixteenth of November. I smile at them from my roof, the top of my Battersea skyscraper. So, it is today. It is Miša Grišin’s fake birthday.

I remember the date because six months ago, in May, as we were saying goodbye somewhere in Cheyne Walk, Miša stretched his arm through the rolled-down car window, and offered me a Visa card that looked as if it were made of gold.

‘Take it, Millie,’ he said. ‘Treat yourself to some nice clothes or something. Pin is sixteen-eleven. My date of birth. I was born on November sixteen, nineteen sixty-one. Old man, no?’

‘No,’ I said. ‘You will never be old.’

I didn’t take his card. Instead, I decided to think of a pleasant surprise for him. But what kind of a pleasant surprise does a girl give to a man who would let her use his golden Visa card?

Something physical, I concluded, some acrobatics clad in synthetics pretending to be lace. Yes, a gift of performance was on foolish Millie’s mind back then, only six months ago.


2 thoughts on “a sip of her voice: MILENA & OTHER SOCIAL REFORMS – intro in English

  1. Postovana Olja, kada ce biti promocija knjige u Beogradu?
    I da li postoji mogucnost da se ista kupi u nekoj od knjizara?


    • Draga Milice, ja sam spremna za promociju, koja je već trebalo da bude u januaru, ali sada je pomjerena – do daljeg. Nadam se da će knjiga izaći u Srbiji, barem hiljadu primjeraka, znam da ima mnogo zainteresovanih. Trebalo bi Rende da je izda. Sigurno ću ti javiti čim saznam nešto preciznije, a hvala ti najljepša, od srca, na pitanju. U knjižarama je za sada ima u Zagrebu, da ja znam, a u Crnoj Gori se valjda može negdje još iskopati… Još jednom veliko hvala. Javiću…


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